Animal, Man, Art

Holy crap. Found this on facebook.

Christ said, “You are gods.”

Someday, in the distant future, we’ll own our own bodies. We won’t be cogs in a machine whose function has long been forgotten and which gives nobody any real enjoyment. We’ll be our own canvases. Now that is GODLIKE!!!

Isn’t it strange to think that you don’t even own your own body? If you want to take certain drugs, or get an abortion, or marry someone or something outside the norm, you actually have to ask permission from the state. Isn’t that odd?!? And if you take an illegal drug or try to end your own life, then you better be ready for some harsh consequences – you’re damaging state property!

5 responses to “Animal, Man, Art

  1. The caption is quoting Jesus in John 10, who’s quoting Psalm 82, a great one about how God sentenced all the other gods to death. The Psalm really says “I thought you were gods, but now you will die like men (or “like Adam”).” Lovely stuff.


    • Hey Seth, I tend to take a more hippie-esque and anti-establishment interpretation of Christ’s sayings. The people were about to stone Christ to death because he was saying that he and God were one; now, when he laid a heavy burden on the people (and argued that he wasn’t blaspheming) by saying that they were also gods, I take that to mean that he’s saying humans are divine… rather than some kind of back-handed compliment where he’s *really* trying to say that they are garbage and are doomed to die. Because that kind of self-esteem-shattering bit is what the Old Testament is all about; if it had been all that incredibly insightful or spiritually healthy, there probably wouldn’t have been any need for a New Testament which isn’t so friendly toward establishment types (when read literally).

      I took a look at the quoted Psalm. When they speak of gods, what the Hell are they talking about? Elohim, the ancient astronauts, the extraterrestrials who created humans for slave labor? Or is God literally saying that the other gods of mythology are real, and that he is competing with them? Strange either way.

      Anyway, this is all academic. Odin All-Father crushes all!


      • It doesn’t say that in Psalm 82. I looked it up too, except I can read. (I went to school when I was younger, before dropping out of high school.)

        It says “godlike.” There’s four letters after the word god there. The letter L, then the letter I, then the letter K, then the letter E.


  2. Now Matt, were you reading one of many English translations? It doesn’t surprise me that there are many English translations that say “godlike”; most people are more comfortable with the idea of humanity being much, much lower than God. HOWEVER! Note that the quote from Psalms is in Hebrew, and uses the term “elohim”, which is the plural form of “god” – yes, the very same God or gods in Genesis who created the world and mankind. No kidding! And then, when Christ quotes that verse in the New Testament, it’s in Greek; the word used is “theoi” which means “gods”, not “godlike”.

    The thing is, most people have a negative gut-reaction against this tiny little quote from Christ… which makes sense when you consider that the guy made an entire career out of saying things that made people uncomfortable (so uncomfortable that they had to kill him)! If Christ had only said things that people liked, he would have lived a long, happy life, and then be completely forgotten.

    And don’t even get me started on Christ saying, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” Oh man… that’s just straight-up blasphemous! (Right???????)


    • Don’t really care about what Jesus said, but was using’s translation — also looked up Koren’s, which says angels. Thanks for the response. Wish I knew Hebrew.


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