Heavy Metal Thunder Cover: Badass Yet Conveniently Small Version

6 responses to “Heavy Metal Thunder Cover: Badass Yet Conveniently Small Version

  1. I have just finished reading this book and I have to say that it is one of the best gamebooks I’ve ever read. Thank you, sir. You have made my week. Please, tell me when Book 2 will appear, so that I can find out why John Christian tried to kill me and whether the attractive Goth in the store-room survived the great battle with the Invader ship.


  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Dan D! I’ve been in love with gamebooks for years. People like reading, people like games, people like character growth, fantastic worlds, intense action – the way I see it, we just need quality entertainers to get in there and start blasting. Gamebooks can easily, *easily* make a hardcore, blood-smeared comeback.

    Here’s the thing, right now my Demonworld books are selling better than Heavy Metal Thunder, and since I’m currently in a state where I have to squeeze every ounce of juice from every dollar, I’m concentrating on Demonworld right now. But there’s still hope! A Spanish gamebook app-making team are making an app for Heavy Metal Thunder. It’s going to have music, pictures, a dice rollin’ mechanic – all the bells and whistles and atmosphere appropriate for the modern gamebook. I wouldn’t let these guys touch it if I didn’t think they were up to the task. Thing is, if they can get Heavy Metal Thunder the exposure that it needs, then that’ll force me to work on the rest of the series, which is something I definitely want to do. I don’t have any dates, but I’ll try to keep everyone posted.

    In the meantime, check out Demonworld!


    And don’t forget, Amazon reviews can go a long way!


  3. Hi Kyle, thanks for your reply. I completely agree that gamebooks can make a big comeback- all those people playing pen and paper and computer rpgs just need to be introduced to the joy of gamebooks. And there have been some really exciting new developments, like the Gamebook Adventures apps and the Destiny Quest series. The thing is, HMT is easily as good as any of these new gamebooks- we just need to get the word out there. I’ve done my best- I’ve been recommending HMT at every opportunity, and I’ve done an Amazon UK review. I’ll certainly pick up the app when it comes out. (Maybe this time I’ll let John Christian talk to me instead of blasting him at the first possible opportunity. That may have been a bit hasty. I just didn’t trust him.) And I will try Demonworld. Thanks again for the awesome adventure.


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