Demonworld Book 4 on Thursday, August 2

Sorry, readers! I have to delay the release of Demonworld Book 4: Shepherd of Wolves until Thursday, August 2, sometime late in the day. The heavily armed compound where I work was attacked by rivals. The enemy came with orders to kill me and my financial backers, but they left with stories of terror and confusion because we drove them off with such force. I was even released from the basement in order to help out with the cleanup. Now I am finally back to work. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take a shower, so I’m still coated in gore and bits of dried flesh. Your patience is greatly appreciated, dear readers!

In the meantime, here’s a short story for anyone with 99 cents to spare:

One response to “Demonworld Book 4 on Thursday, August 2

  1. This works! Until Amazon hacks your site and takes it down for talking about your site on your site.

    The comment that pushed the Amazon cops a bit to far was me saying not to worry about the delay. A delay is what Stephen King did to me with the “Dark Tower” series. I think I started reading that around 1990ish when I was a wee lad, and it took a near death experience for him to finally write the final books over a decade later. Hell, for the folks who were in it from the beginning it was near a quarter century. I could have read a page a day and the next book still wouldn’t have been out yet.

    So yeah, take your time. Just don’t screw it up.

    No pressure.


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