Demonworld Book 4: Shepherd of Wolves – Now Available!

The prison explodes and Demonworld Book 4: Shepherd of Wolves walks out wearing a pair of sunglasses and does not bother to look back at the rising mushroom cloud that marked its birth. My charred body is flung to the ground with a bacon-wet SPLAT, and with my final breath I pray that this latest installment in the Demonworld saga will have mercy on the world.

Hooked on Demonworld? Well go on and get you a copy of the latest installment right here.

Works on your Kindle, works on your computer, works in every way imaginable.

Want to see how the amazing Demonworld saga begins, but don’t have the patience to wait for the movie version? Then click here.

3 responses to “Demonworld Book 4: Shepherd of Wolves – Now Available!

  1. Okay, someone grab the burn cream…no, you don’t have to touch him. Just roll him into this tarp and help me drag it into the basement….Of course he needs medical attention, but that can wait, he has more books to write…I don’t know, just stick the burn cream in the tarp, he can apply it himself….You think he smells bad now because he’s all charred up? You should have smelled him before the fire, now THAT was awful… Okay, on the count of three…heave! thunk, clunk crack…Okay, that should take care of everything.

    Oh, the book was great by the way.


  2. Hey readers, I just want to let you know that Brian’s post is indeed “canon” for what really happened to me after the terrible explosion caused by Demonworld Book 4.

    Brian, are you the same dude that writes kindly (yet badass) reviews for Demonworld on Amazon? If so, thanks so much! Your interest, and your burn cream, do a lot to keep my power level around the 150 percent range, which is the minimum amount required to write a ten-book series.


  3. Oh book five, where you be? It’s been what, a few weeks? A true writing champ could have churned out five novels by now…burn ward not withstanding. I suppose the screams could be distracting…or inspiring.

    Good luck reaching the half way mark!


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