Mass Effect: Should Rio de Janeiro Have Been the Site of the Final Battle?

Read the most insane bullshit speculations about the final battle of Mass Effect 3 before “they” stop you from finding out the TRUTH!

A model of Jesus H. Christ built for the original Mass Effect 3 ending.

A model of Jesus H. Christ built for the original Mass Effect 3 ending.

3 responses to “Mass Effect: Should Rio de Janeiro Have Been the Site of the Final Battle?

  1. I loved the Mass Effect games. Even bought them at full price, which is rare for me, but I hated, absolutely hated the way they ended. Considering the size of the fan base, I’m even kind of surprised they did end them. I don’t see how they can pick that franchise back up now even if they wanted to. I think your ending would have been worlds better than the drivel that they threw at us in Mass Effect 3.

    Speaking of games, the Demon World series would translate pretty well into a video game. In fact, the only thing I can’t get my head around is whether it would be better as an RPG or a shooter. The visuals and bizarre enemies, the story and tension all say RPG, but the hordes of possible enemies like ghouls and dog men, mean that it could also be a pretty decent Halo type shooter as well…but the second book would be hard to do as a pure shooter. Maybe more of a Lost Planet type game play that mixes both elements.


    • Hey Brian, I can’t remember if I said this in my other comment, but I was extremely weirded out by the ending as well. I guess we could always get prequels, which is something, at least, but of course I’m confused why they quarantined the future of the series in such a way that we can never play a post-reaper Mass Effect… not without a lot of retconning or choosing one ending as canon, at least. Have you watched one million hours of Indoctrination Theory videos on YouTube yet? It’s incredibly interesting stuff. Unfortunately I think the series writers are too narrow-minded to take the idea and run with it. I liked that one of the Indoctrination Theory guys said that the “three doors” ending is a farce because there can really only be ONE true ending. Shepard set out to destroy the reapers. If she does anything other than that, then she’s been fooled into thinking that there’s some kind of middle ground between freedom-seeking individuals and insane, evil robots who can’t distinguish between the living and the dead.

      As for Demonworld Book 2, yeah, that would be a difficult one to make a game out of. It has a lot of talking and theorizing, a couple of short action scenes, and then one ridiculously long, violent action scene at the very end. If some studio wanted to make a game series out of the books, and they were dead-set on not using any of my other video game ideas, then I would probably just take the money and run. This might sound bad, but I’d let EA make a silly God of War clone with Wodi swinging some kind of giant chain (?) like a windmill and churning up hordes of freaks if they wanted to. Of course I would never let them “own” Demonworld… I’d just use the bags of money they’d give me to make something good. Something that isn’t influenced by soulless suits who secretly hate their audiences. You know what I mean?


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