Where’s Demonworld Book Six?!

By Kyle B. Stiff

Now that everyone is good and pissed off after waiting for Demonworld Book 6, I guess it’s time for a status update. Meaning I need to roll out some excuses for everyone to roll their eyes at.

Now, I’ve got a reputation as a fast writer. For those of you who haven’t been keeping track, I’ve knocked out some Demonworld books in as short a time as one month. Less than three months for a book is standard for me. For a series that takes place in a fairly large world, has a big ol’ cast of characters and organizations, and features only the occasional misspelling or awkward wording, that’s faster than fast.

South Korean illustrator Woo-Jin Oh

South Korean illustrator Woo-Jin Oh

So why have readers had to wait nearly six months for the latest installment?!

Here’s what’s been keeping me busy.

ONE: For me, Demonworld has always been a money-faucet turned all the way up. But after finishing book five, I decided that I wanted to make even more money. Hey, I have yacht payments too, you know? So I figured I would do some “marketing”. After putting a lot of time and effort into market research and an analysis of search engine analytics and networking with those-in-the-know, I found out that I suck at marketing. In the end, it’s one of those problems that may be best solved by throwing money at it. So that’s on the backburner. If you’ve heard of Demonworld without seeing a poster of Wodi on the side of a bus, then congratulations! You’re one of the few, a select minority who can find the good stuff on their own.

By Souther Salazar

By Souther Salazar

TWO: I thought it would be a smooth move to make Demonworld hardcopies available at Amazon through Createspace. This is still a great idea, but I didn’t realize how much work it would be. I jazzed up a lot of the covers, I fixed some errors that my team of in-house editors and proofers somehow missed, I played around with font size and spacing and all that stuff – and they’re still not perfect. I have multiple iterations of Demonworld proof copies, but they’re just not good enough to be placed into your hands. Since toying around with them is not especially fulfilling work, I’ve decided to shelve that project for now.

St Cecilia and the Angels, 1836

St Cecilia and the Angels, 1836

THREE: In an effort to get something featured in Kindles Singles, and thus make a ton of money in an extremely short amount of time, I wrote many, many short stories. And I mean a lot. I’ll try to make them all available in some form. What I’d really like to do is make some covers for them and then give them away on Amazon. (Oh, and don’t worry: They were all rejected by the Singles program!)

FOUR: This is the real kicker. Now, a lot of you guys that read Demonworld might not know about Heavy Metal Thunder. It’s a sci-fi branching narrative gamebook inspired by those old Choose Your Own Adventure books (and Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf series, which was even better). I’ve had a lot of people attack me on sight because I haven’t yet given them a second Heavy Metal Thunder book. Well, I’m tired of the beatings, so I decided to knock one of those out. This isn’t as crazy as it sounds, Demonworld readers. Truth be told, I knocked out the first five Demonworld books so fast that I needed a break! But, worry not: I’m nearly done with HEAVY METAL THUNDER BOOK 2: SOL INVICTUS. If you haven’t checked it out yet, but you’re a fan of Demonworld, then you should give the first one a look. Even though they’re two completely different series, it’s a stone-cold fact that in a few years’ time it’ll become apparent that the two series aren’t completely unrelated.

By Moebius

By Moebius

In fact… plot-twist time… little Wodi’s struggle in a world haunted by flesh-devouring demons may really be one battle in a war that spans other times, other worlds, other dimensions, and even other species.

(Kyle B. Stiff falls limp after blowing his own mind.)


But now, down to brass tacks. I should be completely done with HMT2: SOL INVICTUS by the end of July. Demonworld six is a monster, and so is seven, but I’ve got my notes all in order. I can’t give an exact due date on either of them, but expect both of them before the end of this year. I’ll try to finish up hardcopies after that, and then … and it feels strange to say it… then we’ll finish Demonworld books eight, nine, and ten sometime in 2014.


After that, I’ll be pressured by the Powers That Be into changing everything about Demonworld before it is turned into a movie in 2017, which will be called A SONG OF HOT AND COLD: BOOK ONE: A GAME OF DEMONS 3D, in which the character of Wodan will be replaced by explosions and Michael Bay-style Transformers.

5 responses to “Where’s Demonworld Book Six?!

  1. Take your time. You’ve outdone yourself on the first five novels, we don’t want you to burn out on the series.

    As far as poor marketing goes, you’re in a very big boat, but as far as indie authors go, your at least three steps ahead of most. You have a blog, you use use your blog, you don’t rely on or expect Amazon or Goodreads, or any of the other online e-book retailers to do everything for you, you edit, etc. You’ve done your research, and have educated yourself on the steps that need to be taken. This puts you closer to your goal than you would have otherwise been. Move on the other aspects of marketing and Amazon will come looking for a single

    Besides, we don’t want you rich, we want you to keep writing for your supper and our entertainment. I believe I mentioned in my review that the biggest cons of the first book were the title of the book, and the cover. The title doesn’t have a wide appeal, and the cover was a landscape. I’m still shocked and amazed that I purchased it every time I see it. 🙂

    I’d love to hear you as a guest author on something like Writing Excuses or the Story Board. Hobnobbing with notables like Sanderson or Rothfuss can’t be bad for a writing career.


    • Brian, I’ll have to dedicate at least one book to you. Your kind and insightful comments are more valuable than you know! I’ll be sure to check out those sites you mentioned. The size of my ignorance continues to surprise me, as I’ve never heard of either of them during all of my research (or “research”).

      Unfortunately I can’t change the title, as it’s what dropped into my lap, and I feel weird about editing something that comes directly from the Unknown. As for the covers, well… as soon as I have the funds, don’t worry, getting a real artist to make some beautiful covers will be first on my list!


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