Vote in the Iron Writer Tournament!

Watch from front row seats as gladiator-writers from all across the galaxy fight in a vicious, unbelievable battle to the death! If you’ve ever given half a shit about Kyle B. Stiff, then let your voice be heard – by shrieking like a madman alongside thousands of other fans of no-holds-barred slug-fests! Hell, you don’t even have to vote for Kyle B. Stiff. Just vote for whoever destroyed the competition with the most insane series of body-destroying literary combos!

Just go HERE to check out the stories!

Want to see what happened in the previous episode of Kyle B. Stiff’s battle for supremacy in the Iron Writer competition? Then click HERE.



3 responses to “Vote in the Iron Writer Tournament!

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  2. Well, I’m glad you’re winning, but I couldn’t, in good conscience, vote for you :(. Last time your story was the best, hands down, but this time I felt Tony Jaeger wrote a more entertaining story, and Jim Wright wrote a story on par with your own. I know its got to be a pain writing a story so short with such disparate elements involved, but at least you didn’t have a pregnant camel to worry about this time.


    • I hear you, the competition’s a little more fierce this time! Thanks for the honesty. Hell man, I’ve made everyone wait so long for the sixth Demonworld book that what I probably deserve is to have someone crash through my front door and drag me into the street so that I can be beaten in front of the entire neighborhood – certainly winning some contest isn’t in my karma!


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