Demonworld: PERMAFREE

Holy hell, it looks like Demonworld finally went PERMAFREE on Amazon.

Believe me, this book will make your balls drop, it’ll put your eggs in the microwave, and from now on it won’t cost a DIME to light your Kindle on fire with this thing. If you like reading about monsters getting shotgunned to death or guys with ritually mutilated bodies or she-demons having sex with big lizard creatures but you don’t want to pay one single cent for any of it, or if you just want to hang out with a brutal mystic on a spiritual journey through what can only be described as Hell (a.k.a. Earth), NOW’S YOUR CHANCE. Just click HERE or HERE or even, God willing, HERE.

demonworld cover

Or you can get your hands on almost any of my writings HERE. Who loves you but me?

2 responses to “Demonworld: PERMAFREE

  1. And so It’s unleashed on the whole world !

    I remember first reading this, was afraid that this will turn into another generic fantasy #275. I was so fucking surprised, the world that you made is one of the most memorable/interesting settings for me. How many authors managed or even tried to make successfully a great post apocalyptic fantasy sci-fi with demons setting ?
    Also that cover is great, really fitting to the world of Demonworld.
    Keep up the great work !


    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Komrade! You posted this at just the right time. I’m usually a balls-to-the-brains battlecrazed barbarian who eats failure for breakfast before going to war without a second thought, but I have to admit that just before you posted this, an intense depression was starting to settle in. Working full-time and being able to squander away enough energy to write something worthwhile is difficult, and I was starting to falter a little bit. Just a little bit. But now I’m back! I’M BACK! I guess it’s good to hear something positive every once in a while. I’m awful at marketing and my budget for this sort of thing is actually in the negative (does that make it a bill?) due to my hilarious state of soul-crushing poverty, so all I’ve got is the goodwill of readers like you. Well, there’s that, plus the orange-tinted raging fire that burns in the middle of my aura and gives doses of astral BATTLEJUICE to my chakra centers, thus filling me with the strength to continue on.

      And thanks for the props on the cover. All thanks for that goes to my dear wife Camelina (not her real name). She’s been doing a lot of work fixing my admittedly-shitty covers, all made through public domain art and the wonders of photoshop. In my desperation I’m thinking about starting a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to get someone like Richey Beckett to make some professional covers, but then again, my time’s already limited as it is, and really, who has the money to throw at a project like that? Aren’t we all hilariously broke and getting broker by the minute? I’ll probably just keep writing and let the details sort themselves out.

      As soon as I hit “post comment” I’m going back to work on Demonworld Book Six: The Love of Tyrants. HOO-AH, KOMRADE! Stay strong in whatever you’re doing, too!


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