Heavy Metal Thunder now available for iPhone and iPad!

hmt promo stuff


 The long-awaited day is finally here. If you’re a fan of gamebooks or RPGs or video games and you’re looking for a new kind of game that’ll take you to the edge and back again, then it’s time to ascend balls-first into the most intense gamebook experience ever developed by the human species.




If you’re not sure what Heavy Metal Thunder is, check out my interview with Cubus Games, the guys who developed the app version of Heavy Metal Thunder. That piece explains it all.

For only three bucks (the price of a cat’s tongue and a wad of human hair on the black market), why not check it out? To see the iPhone / iPad version, click here. If you’re an Android user – just hang in there!



5 responses to “Heavy Metal Thunder now available for iPhone and iPad!

    • Awesome, I hope you had a blast! I gotta admit I was blown away by the finished product. The sequel’s gonna be out any day now… be sure to blaze some of that Black Lance Bud before going in, it’s even crazier and more brutal than the first one. But if you thought it was awful, please tell me!


      • I’ve already died twice but I loved the experience! I really enjoyed the interface which thought looked really cool and definitely added to game/ book experience. Seriously great job… I’m looking forward to the sequel. On another note, I love your writing style especially when it leans humorous. Do have you have any work out there which is humorous in tone you can recommend? Honestly, some of your writing is down right hilarious and I’d like to get more of it… Peace and Love. – White Hippo


      • Thanks White Hippo! I always get nervous about the humor stuff, thinking that I went too far… I can almost say for a fact that I did go too far in HMT 1 simply because some parts of the text are around ten years old! The exuberance of youth and all that. Still, its hard not to throw that stuff in there… people take themselves way too seriously!

        But man, funny stuff, that’s a tough one. I’m writing a short book right now that I think is super funny… it’s about a dog, but it’s so bizarre that I don’t even know how to describe it! But I naturally gravitate to the dark stuff, and then I just throw some humor in there for fun, or because of an impulse that I can’t control. Oh wait, I’m not sure how funny this is, but here’s this one thing I wrote… it’s super short though. It was for a competition, you’ll have to scroll down to find it:


        Also, depending on how demented you are, you might think Psycho Island is funny. I do! Here’s all my stuff, Psycho Island is on there:


        Of course, most of that stuff ain’t free. I got yacht payments to make! But if you’re in even deeper poverty than I am (which I don’t know if that’s even possible), I’ll send you just about any of that stuff for free. But if you pay, it helps my Amazon ranking and directs people to my stuff… you know how it goes!


      • Dude that’s really very generous of you and honestly even just the thought is truly appreciated but I will definitely be a happy paying customer/fan… Trust me, I more than anybody understand the financial hardships yacht ownership brings about. I mean, the fucking docking fees alone! In any case I’ll be rooting for you and your continued success. Happy holidays and good luck in 2015! =)


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