Video games aren’t just art, they’re the highest art.

Seriously, what is art? Does a piece have to be fucking amazing before it can be considered art? Does it have to be in a museum? Fuck all that. I entered into some kind of zen state where the untouchable beauty of the landscape and the incomprehensible brutality of my quest became ONE while playing Shadow of the Colossus. I became Commander Shepard while playing Mass Effect, and the decision for whether or not to save the council or let the council die weighed just as heavily on me as if it were real. You can’t tell me that’s not art.

Sephiroth, far more heroic than that nihilistic dullard Cloud.

That being said, it’s easy to be disappointed by most games. There’s a huge undercurrent of untapped potential which is getting fucked in the ass by neanderthal businessmen who are so unbelievably scared of innovation that 1) the medium is evolving at a snail’s pace and 2) it’s difficult to even define said businessmen as human beings. What are they? Worse still, what do they think we are?

Raiden, a teary-eyed thunder god.

Anyway, I write for GameFan now and I used to write for Play and a bunch of other gaming sites. I always end up butting heads with cretins who don’t understand that the internet is like culture on PCP with baby’s blood for a chaser; dullards tend to be cowards, so a lot of my stuff doesn’t even see the light of day. Fine by me, that’s what blogs are for.

UPDATE!: I don’t work for GameFan any more. They owe me about five grand, though. Which is pretty cool, when you think about it! This is what I do now: DEMONWORLD.

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