Heavy Metal Thunder

Heavy Metal Thunder is a gamebook series about fascist “human fanatics” fighting to defend the human species, whether the human species wants to be defended or not. There are currently three books available in the series. The e-books are on Amazon, and two gamebook apps are available on Google Play and iTunes.


Here’s what readers have to say about Heavy Metal Thunder!

“There are several moments that had me laughing while sweating about my next action. You spend an admirably long amount of time with one playthrough, and the story remains engrossing all the way. I highly recommend this book.”

  • Amazon Customer, review for Heavy Metal Thunder Book 1


“I love this book as much as I loved the first one. The game system is fun and rewarding, and it encouraged me to play by the rules all the time, which is something that doesn’t always happen with gamebooks. The story is so interesting and complex that I’ve foud myself experiencing that paradoxical desire to finish and not finish the book at the same time. A book that I will keep on playing for a while, and probably one of the best gamebooks I’ve seen.”

  • Joel David Velásquez Herrera, review for HMT 2: Sol Invictus


“This is one of the greatest books (not only interactive ones) that I’ve ever read. The author is some kind of a genius. He knows it and proves it every time.”

  • Ivailo Daskalov, review for HMT 3: Slaughter at Masada