My Books

Prepare yourself! This is the blast-off point for the true Kyle B. Stiff experience. You can read blog posts all day long and yet never feel the light that shines from my tiny flawless body. You gotta read the books. Come on a journey with me. Come taste from my cup. Have the baby that I’m having; let’s allow it to pass through us, together, dear reader!

demonworld cover

Demonworld is my main series. It’s about a young man who is confronted with an unbelievably harsh post-apocalyptic world, and he has to become harder than the world itself in order to make his dream of a better world come true. Imagine Mad Max meets Lord of the Rings. Some readers have even said that it’s their favorite series in contemporary fiction, which really gives me a sense of vertigo. Thank you, readers, thank you!

hmt promo stuff

Heavy Metal Thunder is another series I’m working on. It’s a series of gamebooks about a soldier in space fighting a war against alien invaders. The thing is, the human species has no faith in itself, and gave up before the war even began. So the protagonist has to jump-start the human spirit, which is no easy thing. HMT is a gamebook series, so readers can make choices as they read. Cubus Games has made several apps for the series, complete with music and illustrations, so it’s pretty amazing!

hoodel lifes and times flat

I’ve written a lot of other stuff you guys can check out. Please support me, and I promise I will keep working hard to entertain you! Let’s make magic so that the squares won’t turn this world into a lifeless, gray, totalitarian control grid!

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