Right Wing vs. Hollywood

When you break down the symbols used in modern ideological warfare, hilarity ensues. And while mainstream media hates to admit it, the world is shifting right.

I grew up watching the same propaganda as everyone else. So how did I end up shifting so far politically to the right?


Like a Biblical character reborn and renamed, I recently experienced a huge storyline shift in my character. I was once convinced that a deep understanding of the occult (“hidden”) nature of reality would give us understanding, and with understanding – power. This deep-seated idea completely fell apart when I researched the life of Vlad the Impaler. I wanted to write a series about this brutal tyrant hunting down his own people in some kind of Goth “Castlevania” type setting, but reading some actual history books about Vlad the Impaler (and also reading between the lines) showed me that Vlad the Impaler was a devout Christian and nationalist who would stop at nothing to protect his people from enslavement at the hands of foreign invaders. Finding out my understanding of history was so completely wrong undermined my most basic beliefs about everything. Realizing that my knowledge of history was wrong because weird degenerates had played a con game, pumping out fake history movies and books and comics and games showing the Medieval era as a dump, or the Crusaders as ruthless looters, leaving out the numerous invasions Europeans have faced, making the Catholic Church look corrupt, and of course playing Vlad the Impaler as a serial killer – well, it made me realize my ignorance was not completely my own fault. Someone was to blame!


Though they wear many masks in many different eras, their game is always the same. They want you weak and stupid, believing a lie and feeling bad about yourself. To them, you’re livestock. Hollywood is full of these types of people, so where I used to pick apart the occult meaning in movies and games, now I bring out the leftist agenda and show how ridiculous it appears from a conservative point of view. And there’s no end of material – the propaganda is relentless. There’s a war on for control of your mind, and these manipulative weirdos never, ever sleep.


The crazy thing is, exposing these ideology-driven weirdos is a hell of a lot of fun! Just hover over the drop down menu to see some of my pieces exposing left wing ideology in entertainment.


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