Demonworld Book 5: Lords of the Black Valley

The wait is finally over. The fifth Demonworld book is here, walking the earth, alive and eating stuff and available for your perusal!

Lords of the Black Valley cover

And yes, it’s a doozie. If you think your Kindle can handle it, click here to get your very own copy of Lords of the Black Valley!

Gustave Dore - The Fall of the Rebel Angels (1866)

Dementia Hibernation / Rebirth Pattern

Sorry ya’ll, looks like Demonworld Book 5: Lords of the Black Valley won’t be available until the end of November. I know, I know.


I think I’m getting older. I can’t do the all-nighters anymore. I look like a piece of beef jerky used to stir a spittoon in a Wild West hit by the Black Plague, vacantly staring ahead while someone sits behind me loading a gun. Okay, you guessed it: The original Kyle B. Stiff just fought off an illness, and his usually-flawless body is only slowly recovering. But recover it will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also, more good news: I’m going to try to have the first five Demonworld books available in hard copy by January 9 of 2013. The Age of Aquarius will be a newborn pup still coated in goo after sliding out of the galactic womb, and it’ll have Demonworld paperbacks to suckle on!