By Kyle B. Stiff


It’s a movie idea, the idea is that it’s the sequel to 300, but it’s called REVERSE 300 because it’s the opposite. Persia is invading ancient Greece but instead of the Spartans fighting to the death to slow down the invasion, the Spartans take a hard look at their own privilege, then they take a stand against fascism and welcome the Persians across the border. In fact if any Greek tries to defend their homeland, the Spartans turn on them and kill them! King Leonidas (actually non-gendered Kween Leonidas in this story) turns into a Nazi-hunting fanatic, always on the lookout for border-guarding Nazis hiding among the Greek population.


In the final scene, Greece finally submits to Progress. The people of Greece tear down all of their problematic statues and give up on their anachronistic patriotism so that they can evolve into their final form – that is, enlightened CONSOOMERS. In the final climactic showdown they lead a thrilling charge into newly-opened Persian restaurants where they can CONSOOM!!! Instead of some boring, cliched fight scene, the audience will be on the edge of their seats watching overweight people with no history feeding at the trough of Progress.

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