Star Wars: Rogue One Is About 9-11

By Kyle B. Stiff


I was struck by two things while rewatching Rogue One. The first is that after slogging through the new trilogy, Rogue One looks great! It looks like the old movies, but arguably better. Just compare blank-faced Rey with intergalactic cutie Jyn Erso and tell me it was worth spending 60-plus dollars watching Disney fanfic when you could have been streaming Rogue One from the safety of your bunker and watching Vader throw dudes around like some kind of cyborg demon. But I didn’t write this piece to spread my opinion. No, the incredible, objective truth that struck me while watching Rogue One is that…

It’s so obviously about 9-11! The violent attack and fall of the towers etched a deep scar on the human psyche, so while I may sound crazy in this piece, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say 9-11 had a profound effect on the creative realm, thus reshaping our stories both after and even before the event.

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A little warning: Mossad plays a big part in this. If you don’t know about Israel’s notorious intelligence agency, then good luck keeping up with this piece. With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look!


Saw Gerrera Is Osama bin Laden


This one is so obvious that after you see it you’ll never be able to unsee it. Saw Gerrera was once a part of the Rebellion, but he became too extreme, so the Rebels cut ties with Saw’s faction. At this point it’s pretty well known that bin Laden – or at least Al Qaeda – were trained and equipped by the CIA in order to harass the Russians in Afghanistan, so for our interpretation, it makes sense that Saw Gerrera would have ties to the Rebels, at least during the formation of his faction. Even Saw Gerrera’s rough appearance, his “desert theme”, echoes the general appearance of Islamic extremism.


Saw is also in poor health, hobbling around on robot legs and breathing from a funky mask. There were so many reports about bin Laden’s poor health that it was difficult to ignore conspiracy theorists claiming that bin Laden was dead even before 9-11. I think kidney failure was the main reason given. Note that the cadaverously thin cave dweller version of bin Laden looked nothing like the portly, smiling guy in the video of “bin Laden” taking credit for 9-11.


The Rebels don’t like working with an extremist like Saw, but they’re forced to work with him for this operation, just as Mossad may have been forced to work with Al Qaeda in order to pull off an operation that would draw American military power into the Middle East (“allegedly”). If we’re going for the conspiracy theory version of events, then it would make sense that Saw was dead before the Rogue One operation was pulled off, just as bin Laden may have also been dead before 9-11.


The Pilot Is an Arab Muslim Terrorist


When you consider that the Empire is somehow 99% white, the Pilot’s Middle Eastern appearance stands out. And they really want you to know that he’s *the Pilot* – in fact, I can’t even remember his name, because most of the time he was just referred to as *the Pilot*! So they really really want you to know that he’s the Pilot. They want you to know that he’s the Pilot so badly, they hit you over the head with it. It’s kind of like when the planes hit the towers on 9-11 with enough combustible force that even the steel beams were incinerated, BUT we were still able to dig out the hijackers’ passports from the rubble. And it happened fast. It’s almost like you were supposed to know that the hijackers were Middle Eastern, just like the one in Rogue One!

The pilot’s strongly Arab appearance lends credence to my theory that this story is about 9-11. In fact, my theory would seem really out there if the pilot was *not* an Arab!

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Also note that the Pilot had his brain fried by a mind altering monster in the employ of Saw Gerrera. This is a pretty obvious reference to young men being radicalized by Islam. For at least one scene, the Pilot can barely remember who he was before his brain was washed clean.


The Rebel Alliance are Mossad Operatives


Uh oh, things are about to get spicy! In case you don’t know, Mossad is an Israeli intelligence agency. Their motto is “war by deception” (though this is up for debate) and they have a reputation for ruthlessness. Their name comes up in conspiracy theories over and over again because, well, these guys are pulling stunts all over the world. You see, unlike Americans who grow up watching movies and TV shows about how bad America is, Israelis are taught from a very young age that they are God’s chosen people and that the rest of the world wants them dead. They have this mindset drilled into them, so they’ll stop at nothing to sow trouble among their perceived enemies.


As soon as Cassian, Rogue One’s badass spy, enters the story, we’re shown that he’s an ice cold operator. Unlike Han Solo, whose head teleported to the side after patiently waiting for Greedo to shoot first, Cassian will kill anyone who gets in his way – even an informant who helped him out. The actor who plays him even looks Israeli. Cassian tells Jyn that even though he’s done immoral things, it was always because he was fighting for an ideal. Mossad agents think the same way.


The thing about super secret intelligence agencies is that they sometimes go rogue. Modern conspiracy mythology is full of stories of the CIA going rogue, or Mossad going rogue, or even entire segments of the population breaking away and going rogue. It might sound crazy, but if you’re in a group that handles lots of money and has legal sanction to use force and has little to no oversight, why would you not go rogue?


That may have been a tangent, but I needed to give an “intro to conspiracy theory” before we move on. Now, in Rogue One, our cast of characters serves the Rebel Alliance, but they end up going rogue. Their aims are the same as the Rebels, but they want to go further than the Rebels, using more extreme methods to obtain goals that most members of the Rebellion simply don’t have the balls to go after. I’m sure this has happened many times throughout history when military men want aggressive solutions for battlefield problems, but politicians want to hold off, negotiate, pass the buck, or pretend the problem doesn’t exist.


Just as the heroes of Rogue One go rogue, let’s postulate that Mossad may have gone rogue. At this point it’s pretty well known that lots of intel agencies knew about 9-11 before 9-11. When our intel agencies didn’t seem too keen on running with the information, it looks like Mossad was, at the very least, given the job of documenting the event – but at most, they may have taken part in the operation. This may seem extreme to us, since we’re peasants, but remember that we’re indoctrinated to never use force to solve our problems. These guys don’t have that problem. If Mossad can let an attack happen that will draw the greatest military superpower into the Middle East and get their enemies stomped flat, they would be fools not to let it happen. Right?

The scene that ties this theory together is the embrace on the beach, when Cassian and Jyn hold each other while the world falls apart. Imagine what they felt: Relief, elation that they had drawn the galaxy into war, the rush of a job well done. Who else might have felt similar emotions?

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I’ll tell you who – the Israeli Mossad operatives dancing as the towers came down!

A lot of people still don’t know that on 9-11, a group of five men were arrested for laughing, cheering, and dancing around a moving van. It turns out they were Mossad operatives pretending to be simple construction workers. They were spies. And they didn’t just happen to be driving by when the attack happened; they were seen surveying and setting up the day before, getting ready to witness the attack on the morning of 9-11. They took tons of photos, too, but the photos have been photocopied many times to wash out both of the exploding towers and, I would argue more damningly, the expressions on the men’s faces.


If you didn’t know about this incident, you can read about it HERE and HERE to have your outlook changed forever. Warning: You can’t find out about this and remain the person you were before. Wish I could say that I was exaggerating!


Now, whether these particular Mossad agents had gone rogue or not (in fact I’m being diplomatic by even suggesting they were rogue), Israel’s prime minister admitted that America going on a rampage in the Middle East after 9-11 would help them out quite a bit. Details are available in the links I gave above. In the same way, the Rebel Alliance didn’t want to go through with the operation proposed by our Rogue One team, but once our protagonists went rogue and initiated the attack, the Rebel Alliance was more than willing to follow through. They just needed that extra push.

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America Is the Empire

Talking about America being an Empire is pretty cringe at this point, since most Empires get paid by nations they conquer rather than hand out money to anyone who asks for it, but a lot of people truly believe America is an empire, and it fits in with our theory, so let’s roll with it. The biggest tell that the Empire is America, at least from the perspective of the Middle East, is the scene where the stormtroopers are walking in formation with a tank and they fall prey to an ambush by Saw’s raiders. It looks like something straight out of any of the numerous wars we’ve fought in the world’s sandlot. In fact, the Middle Eastern flavor of the desert planet Jedha is very blatant. There is even a reference to some kind of Jedi temple (Saw Gerrera’s headquarters) which lets us know that this place was once a religious center, like many many places in the Middle East.




Our protagonists seem like they want to topple the Empire or destroy its superweapon, but the *real* story is that they want to unleash the American Empire against the enemies of Israel. The entire hidden narrative of the movie focuses on how to unleash the Empire. Think about it like this: The scene with the tank showed a bunch of armored Imperial stormtroopers getting demolished. If you were writing a story about taking down some really scary bad guys, would you show the bad guys getting stomped a third of the way through the story? Of course not. In Rogue One, the goal is to beef up the Empire, to get it riled up and ready for war – just like the goal of the 9-11 operation was to wake up the sleeping giant of America by getting us riled up for war.

Is there a scene in which this happens?

There is, and it takes place during the battle on Scarif!


Paradise Planet Scarif Is the American Mindset


I have a friend with a humongous brain who noted that the final planet we visit in Rogue One, which is the site of the climactic battle between good and evil, looks like a stage out of Mario Kart. It’s just a sunny beach, but we’re supposed to believe that it’s appropriate for the big showdown. The official story is that Scarif was supposed to look like an island from the Pacific theater of World War II, but that doesn’t really hold water; when most people see a beach, they don’t think of WW2, they think of getting naked and lying on dirt particles in a state of endless bliss. Every other showdown in Star Wars takes place on appropriately grim environments. So why does Imperial Scarif look like a paradise planet?


It’s because Scarif is the American frame of mind, unique in all the world. There are numerous quotes from Israeli heads of state (including the prime minister) remarking on American naivete before 9-11. They said we didn’t take terrorism seriously because it was not a part of our everyday existence. Though somewhat condescending, there is truth in that statement. Americans are known worldwide for being optimistic go-getters, and before any of you Americans say, “Hey wait a minute I’m a pessimistic do-nothing!” just understand that the rest of the world is ten times worse. Do you guys ever wonder why people risk their lives coming to a place that you hate? Well, it’s either because they’re out of touch, or you are – you can’t both be right!

This is why the final showdown of Rogue One takes place on a paradise planet. It’s an assault on American optimism. Imagine if you were an Islamic terrorist given the job of blowing something up in America, or a Mossad agent tasked with documenting (or perhaps helping or even orchestrating) the operation; imagine being in New York City, the capital of planet earth, city of dreams where everyone wants to go, and your basic mindset is: “This sure is nice. Time to fuck it up!” Amazing, isn’t it? But this is the mindset of the foreign powers who want to see America fall.


Now, watch the Hammerhead Corvette during the space battle over Scarif. When the Hammerhead ship makes its move, you know you’re seeing the echo of 9-11 radiate through the creative realm. During the most desperate part of the battle, the crew of a Hammerhead ship sacrifice themselves by flying into a Star Destroyer, which then slams into a second (!!!) Star Destroyer. Both falling Star Destroyers crash into a round portal, obviously the Pentagon in DC, and destroy it, too. On my latest viewing of Rogue One, I was curious about Tower 7. Was it also represented in the movie? If I looked closely enough, was another ship destroyed on accident (“heh heh, hey guys don’t forget about me I’m scheduled to be destroyed too”)? Then it dawned on me. When the Death Star finally arrives and shoots the planet, if you look closely, the beam accidentally strikes the top of the communications tower before it hits the planet (made possible due to the indirect angle of the shot). The building was never targeted, and yet it was taken out all the same!

I mean, you couldn’t make a more 9-11 themed film even if you tried! Even a film called 911: The True Story would probably have less to do with 9-11 than Rogue One!



Was 9-11 a Megaritual?

There’s a popular idea among spiritually-minded conspiracy types that the 9-11 event was a megaritual of mass human sacrifice. I have no idea whether that’s true or not; I’m only a human and have limited-to-no understanding of the greater workings of the cosmos. However, there is an interesting nod to this theory in the film. When the operation is pulled off and the plans for the Death Star have been sent through the “gate” and everything is being blown up on schedule, Jyn says, “Do you think anybody’s listening?” Cassian says, “I do. Someone’s out there.” It’s a bit suspect. They’re either referring to Admiral Ackbar’s cousin General Snackbar, or they’re referring to people like me who are taking notes in a frenzy of manic delusion (“nyaa the comm tower is really Tower 7 nyaaaaa!”) or they’re referring to beings beyond our comprehension who have received some kind of message sent through the medium of human sacrifice. The shots of the Death Star approaching on the horizon definitely look like something evil has been summoned.

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 4.57.22 PM

Perhaps the looming Death Star is indicative of real life hordes of demons racing out of our moon, drawn by human suffering and the stench of blood. Maybe 9-11 summoned them here to feast and cultivate the mad times that we live in now.

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 5.00.04 PM

Darth Vader Is the Rise of the Neocons

Like an 80s workout montage repurposed for the villains, the end of Rogue One takes a wimpy, passive Empire who lets its soldiers get bushwhacked by blind guys with sticks and replaces it with the godlike power of an A*C*T*I*V*A*T*E*D Darth Vader who is out for blood. Darth Vader represents the rise of the Neocons, American political swamp dwellers who are on record before 9-11 saying “sure would be nice if we had a big terrorist attack to galvanize the American war machine.” Neocons are known for being Israel-first stooges, or sometimes even dual-citizenship Israeli-Americans, and there’s nothing they love more than a war in the Middle East that weakens the enemies of Israel.

maxresdefault (7)

And just as Darth Vader’s rage is focused on some poor schmucks who only appear at the end of the movie, and whose only crime is their desire to shut some blast doors so they can go home without getting lightsabered in half, America was (seemingly) attacked by Afghanis with ties to Saudi Arabia, but then our vengeance was directed at Iraq (???) based on endless mainstream media babble about weapons of mass destruction hidden in James Bond-style underground lairs. It’s the ol’ bait-and-switch.



The Fire Rises

Just as rabid anti-Americanism is finally giving way to a wave of pro-American nationalism, some Star Wars fans are finding themselves siding with the pro-human Empire (but not necessarily the Sith leadership). I’ve seen and read lots of arguments regarding the fact that the various Imperial superweapons (including the Death Star) would have been capable of fending off the Yuuzhan Vong invasion that occurred in the extended universe, whereas the peacenik Rebels nearly proved inadequate to the task. Most Star Wars viewers are humans themselves. If you inhabited the world of Star Wars, would you like to live on Tatooine where aliens push humans around for no reason? Or would you prefer to live on the Ewok-infested moon of Endor where they eat humans, or maybe on Kashyyyk where they pull your arms off? All things considered, if you’re a human living in the Star Wars universe, the best place to live would be on a safe Imperial world populated by humans and defended by humans.

Screenshot 2020-01-27 at 3.02.06 AM

Maybe that’s the real tragedy of Rogue One. Instead of embracing a new era of human dominance throughout the galaxy, we are shown the tragedy of a human civil war sparked by people broken by ideology. In the words of Jyn Erso: “The Alliance… the Rebels, whatever it is you’re calling yourself these days, all it’s ever brought me is pain.” One can almost hear the plea of someone desperately trying to fight her way out of the bluepilled lifestyle of endless protests, endless outrage, endless resentment focused on the West, and at America in particular… but there is no way out for people like her. She has been targeted by ideologues and dragged into a conflict that never should have happened. A conflict pitting human against human, brother against brother – and which only aliens can win as they pick up the pieces of our shattered worlds.

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 4.53.55 PM


Are We Trapped in a Closed Loop of Timeless Prophetic Symbolism?

Finding echoes of real life in our stories, but being unable to do anything about it – even unable to convince others that those echoes are real – is profoundly blackpilling. And yet these patterns are real. If the 80’s were the height of America, an unparalleled Golden Age of Optimism that we sentimentalize (synthwave music being a good example of this), and if the 90’s were the beginning of darkness, when all the plans of our evil overlords were being laid and only the most deeply entrenched conspiracy theorists could see what was coming, then the 9-11 megaritual in the early 2000’s sparked the rampage of the overlords. All their darkest plans were being fulfilled and sadly most of us were cheering it on.


It’s important to note that Rogue One is not a meticulous retelling of 9-11 by script writers who are consciously trying to write a story about 9-11. That’s not how stuff like this works. The script writers were just trying to tell the best Star Wars story they could. However, all artists dip their minds into a pool of symbols that loop through different times and dimensions in ways we really don’t understand. Joe Rogan once got so insanely high that he said everything that is made comes from creativity, but we don’t know what creativity is. His soul may belong to DMT elves, but he has a point about creativity.


We have no idea how this works, but the patterns are real. For now, we can only watch and document and go on the occasional Alex Jones-style rant and then give each other the Boba Fett head nod when we see others who also notice patterns.

* * *

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