The Lifes and Times of Hoodel Gibbens


From the back of the book

“Well well what do you now its Hoodel Gibbens and this is my book!”

So begins a legendary tale written by the world’s first writing dog – Hoodel Gibbens! This novella collects many of Hoodel’s most beloved short stories, including “Super Hoo-Man”, “The Romantic Story Like Shaykasasparearro”, and the action-packed “I Am a Double Oh Oh Hoodel Sevens a Spy!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lifes and Times also gives readers key insights into the life of Hoodel Gibbens, including his fascination with eating treats and opening the refrigerator, his interactions with his curious feline roommates, and general musings on how to relax and stay out of trouble.


Here’s what readers are saying about Hoodel Gibbens!

“Hoodel’s adventures with Turkey Boy were hilarious but definitely check out the chapter “This is a doctor Hoodel to you not a mister!” I don’t know the last time I read something so funny. As an animal lover you need this book.”

  • Kandra De Vries

“This is a hilarious series of stories written from the perspective of an imaginative & innocent dog.”

  • Angelina M. Couture

“A heartwarming tale of a Boston Terrier who talks in a lol-worthy patois of dog-speak. If you’ve ever cozied up to your pet late at night, nuzzled them until your mouth was right next to their ear, and then whispered, “I know you can talk you lying little sack of garbage, how stupid do you think I am????????”, then this book is right up your alley.”

“What a wonderful book! My husband and I take turns reading the chapters aloud.”

  • Katherine M. Todd

“This book is not just funny, it’s downright genius… The stereotypes are laid out perfectly. A sloppy owner struggles to keep up with a stupid but loving dog and an egotistical jerk of a cat.”

  • Cait