The Weird Stuff

Guys, this is the weird stuff. Don’t think ill of me for thinking thoughts and feeling feels. Listen, in a slightly different reality our world is a blasted wasteland and we live in massive bunker-cities, and I sit behind a desk and I really do my best to coordinate our defense network. I want our species to survive but creatures beyond our rational understanding are hunting us down, manipulating our thoughts and using our bodies as hosts for their larvae. The war ain’t easy, but it’s the thing we’ve been leading up to all these years. All our wars before were practice. The hate we had for each other was a shadow of what we feel for these monsters. And I’m doing my best to keep us together.

Thank goodness that version of reality has not come to pass. In this reality, sometimes I write fun stuff, or even stupid stuff, and you guys can read it, if you want. Please, enjoy yourself, have fun! What a wonderful version of reality we have at our disposal!

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