Twilight of the Dark Master

Undeniably one of the most badass trailers of all time. A total balls-to-the-labia depiction of an utterly black world. Reminds me of the fucking terrifying concept from Mass Effect, Berserk (a badass manga and anime) and Infinite Space (under-appreciated DS game): That behind the thin veil of reality, there are monstrous creatures of unimaginable power. They think of us as food and one day they will come to feed.


While such a thing is really too terrifying to consider, it makes sense if you’ve ever spent an afternoon burning ants with a magnifying glass. Also note that this trailer doesn’t follow the modern trailer format; if you’ve ever flown into a rage in a movie theater because you simply couldn’t sit through one more formulaic trailer and had to be escorted from the premises, then you know what I’m talking about. If not, then congratulations: You’re a part of the problem.

Also note how hilarious it is at the end when the VHS box for Twilight of the Dark Master flies out of an explosion, spins impressively, and then poses before the viewer.

*     *     *

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5 responses to “Twilight of the Dark Master

  1. madhouse makes the best shit.

    if that situation became reality, I would straight up get my fuck on non stop, and maybe murder some fools while I was at it. just a matter of time before I get decapitated and eaten, right?


  2. Recently I found a cool anime called Goku: Midnight Eye. I like it. It’s okay if I read your blog, right? And make comments? Sometimes I feel like I am going overboard and rubbing people wrong, especially when I insult them.

    I had to buy the Goku one from some guy on eBay who’s doing bootlegs. I guess it’s from VHS transfer (pretty sure not Laserdisc).


    • Would you mind if I replied to your comment five years too late? I am ashamed… I… I don’t know why I never responded. Let’s face it, I was probably depressed and wrapped up in my own interpersonal dramas!


    • I just realized that I wrote this piece like five years ago! I feel like I was a kid then, and completely unreasonable, and now I think of myself as an old man who is totally level-headed. All of that is bullshit, of course… I still get excited about the silliest things. You commenting on this made me look at it, and myself, all over again! Thanks!


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